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Regular Classes Taught  by Professional Artists and Art Tutors

THE OMEGA ART SCHOOL is based in the Omega Centre in Southsea, offering exciting, part time 10-week courses, which in most cases, you can choose to do as a morning, afternoon or evening class, please see our courses page in the menu tab. Our experienced and empathetic tutors will deliver a carefully designed, enjoyable programme. Everyone over 18 is welcome, regardless of experience (we do sometimes consider students from 16). 

If you have always wanted to paint or draw but have never had the time to explore your interests, or felt you were not good enough to even attend a class, this programme is perfect for you. Or perhaps you have been to classes in the past or attended art school – again you will find the classes a great way of adding to your skills and realising long held ambitions. You will find all the tutors very encouraging so that as well as learning plenty of new skills, you will grow in confidence - which will add to your progress.

If you feel you are more experienced than a complete beginner, one of the more advanced classes may be more suitable for you. The classes will still contain some of the material that will be covered in the beginners’ group, but you might find the class sets you a few more challenges and doesn’t cover so many of the ‘basics’. If you are not sure, feel free to call one of our team.

The Omega Art School is an artist led programme taught and organised by professional artists who also have teaching experience in art schools and universities. The lead artist and founder is Kevin Dean, who, in 2020 created the school with a view to offering high quality, affordable art education for adults, in a friendly environment for people of all abilities. Since starting at the school, some of our students have gone on to working in their own studios, exhibiting as well as selling their work, but are also still attending the school to further develop their own practice. 

The first term should be seen as a foundation programme, giving you an exciting variety of materials and techniques to try. We will begin by looking at drawing, how to vary your marks, creating a variable and expressive line. How to convey perspective, tone and volume. Later we study watercolour, laying washes and employing different techniques, moving to acrylics, understanding colour theory and introducing collage into your work. The possibilities are endless. After the Preliminary Course we are confident you will want to continue into another term, where you can develop your techniques further, and in more depth, we will also try different mediums, including printmaking.

All of the classes will be filled with techniques and ideas, that in some cases may be completely new to you. Although there is no obligation to do so, there is much to be gained from continuing the work further in your own time. Your tutor will suggest work you might do at home, which you will be encouraged to show to your tutor at a later session.



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